I found the 3N20 Ranch by chance.. we were looking for a puppy, not from a puppy mill not from a pet store but from someone who really loved animals as much as we do.  I have always wanted a Jack Russell, something about them made me smile! One afternoon while I was on the internet researching information on Jack Russell's I came across a website that said they had a brand new litter of Jack puppies, I called and left a message. Charlotte at 3n20 Ranch returned my call right away . We talked for a long time about my concerns of a Jack and if it was going to be a good fit, My girls ages 8 and 11 instantly fell in love with the picture of the 2 day old "ball". Charlotte sent us pictures of her mom Sheila and something in her eyes told me that she was sweet. We talked as a family and bought our little Stella. Every week Charlotte sent us pictures of her growing and we couldn't wait to hear what she was doing..... Finally the day came when we could go get her, I was so nervous, did we make the right choice? Well, all I can say is YES!! The 3N20 Ranch is NOT a puppy mill it is a home... they care for these animals as if they were going to live with them forever. 
The 3N20 Ranch is wonderful, they really know a lot about dogs and were able to answer all of our questions, we have had Stella for about 10 months and they still check in with us and we stay in touch. 
If you want a healthy, happy, well balanced Jack Russell they are the best!! For all the people out there that say you are crazy to get a Jack all I can say is that it is the best thing we have ever done. Stella is a loving, well behaved, happy, SUPER funny dog, she gets along with all other dogs. She has not destroyed our home, she has only given us love and a ton of laughs!! 

The Michel Family
Geneva, IL

Hello, we wanted to share an update about our precious puppy Rico (AKA Barnie) born to Rocky and Lucy on 4/17/13. 

Rico is now 10 months old and has grown into a curious, happy,lover of the outdoor, smart and cute young dog. My 

husband is teaching him pheasant hunting and has been doing rather well. Recently the vet gave him a good bill of 

health as well as his last booster shots until his next appt. We are very happy with our puppy, we spoil him too much 

sometimes. We also noticed that if we don’t give him his outdoor time he gets in trouble chowing on things he is not

 supposed to. He also likes to hang in the arm of the sofa by the window like a cat and plays well with our older dog 

Tomi. Rico captivates the attention of many people we have come across who always ask how we got Rico. We want to 

thank you for our gift that’s how we see Rico. 

Angelica and James Monroe-Hernandez

Perry, MI

3 N 20 RANCH

I wanted to update you on Kipp, born July 14, 2013. He's turning a year old and we can't be more pleased with him. Kipp started agility training. He's so good at it. He is very well behaved when he has a lot of activity. Took him camping for the first time over the holiday weekend. Kipp loved it! Coming across your ranch was the best. You are a wonderful breeder. When we are ready for Kipp to get a baby sister, we'll be back.
Attached is a new picture. He's gotten so big.   

Thanks again The Mahoney family

Many months of searching for the right puppy took place before finding 3 N 20 Ranches litter of puppies.  Once a connection was made and we were convinced this was not a Puppy Mill it was clear this was the litter my daughter, Kathleen Anderson, needed to obtain a puppy from.  These are down to Earth people, Honest and well Experienced Breeders.  Breeders for the Right reasons.  We drove up to Michigan from Illinois to purchase the puppy Bolt and met the 3 N 20 Ranch family, including all the dogs.  Thanks again to 3 N 20 Ranch for their excellent service and our puppy Bolt.

~Thomas Strissell
Chicago, IL~

It was a great pleasure and experience getting our two jack russell puppies from 3N20Ranch. We researched and looked at other breeders, but ultimately chose Prochazka family as our breeder because after talking with them, they love their animals and know the breed very well. From start to finish, they kept us informed and had a wonderful line of communication with them at all times. We loved that Char sent us pictures weekly and let us know how they were doing. We so looked forward to those weekly updates. Once the day came to finally pick them up, Char greeted us with our two pups and we got to meet all the other jack's, including seeing both parents and how they interacted. Both puppies were very well mannered and interacted well with all of us. Our two sons, ages 8 and 11 fell in love immediately. The puppies are doing great and adjusted to their new surroundings quickly. The 3n20ranch is not a puppy mill. They are a loving home that takes pride in raising well mannered, loving dogs. We would definitely buy puppies from them again with no hesitation. Overall, extremely pleased with the whole experience.

The Kreitner Family
Benton Harbor, MI  
Hello 3 N 20! 

Char, Dale & Lil Dale,

Your kennel has given us the absolute BEST Jack Russel Terriers possible!  Barkley and Rainer have surpassed our expectations in so so many ways! Barkely is now an accomplished tracker, he is well adept in Deer, and also is learning to track human scents!  His nose is an absolute dream!  Rainer is a wonderful therapy dog, who is learning and working for his CGC TDI training, he has an intuition with special needs children, and thrives on seeing them happy and squealing!  We would never hesitate to make another one of your pups a part of our pack, and look forward to the next JRT (a little split face) :)

We now are launching a new web site called 20pawz.com, Barkley is our "face" of our new adventure!  Soon we will have it up and running!

I am enclosing pictures of our babies :)  Again THANK YOU so much for giving us the opportunity to have these kids in our lives!!

Anne and Michael Smyth
Lansing, MI